Introduction of Shenyang Ligong University

Shenyang Ligong University (SLU), founded in 1948, whose predecessor was Northeast Military Special School, was upgraded to Shenyang Institute of Technology in 1960 and renamed Shenyang Ligong University in 2004 upon approval of the Ministry of Education. In 2010, Liaoning Provincial Government signed the agreement with China Ordnance Equipment Group and China Ordnance Industry Group to co-construct Shenyang Ligong University. It was approved as “the co-constructed university by National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau and Liaoning Provincial Government” with features of national defense in 2016.

SLU is located in Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 1,130,000 m2 with magnificent, solemn and elegant campus buildings covering 444,000m2, which consists in a fresh and pleasant environment. There is a local area network on the campus. The library occupies an area of 39,000m2 with 1,373,000 paper books in the collection. The students’ cultural and sports facilities are all in readiness. A standard stadium and students’ sports center are established, which provide a good foundation for the all-round development of college students. SLU has the only Weaponry Museum in northeast China and it is the National and Provincial Popular Science Education Base, the National Defense Education Base of Liaoning Province and the Patriotism Education Base of Shenyang city.

Over 60 years of construction and development, serving in Liaoning and facing the whole country, SLU has developed from a single-discipline military and technological school into a multi-disciplinary university with distinctive features of national defense, giving priority to engineering, with combination of science, management, arts, economics, law and art. SLU undertakes the task of cultivating national defense students for Shenyang Military Region. It is also one of the universities approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit high-level football team.

SLU has 19?schools (teaching departments). There are 1,685?teaching staff and faculties, including 1 Double Academician, 424?doctoral, master tutors, 546?professors and associate professors, 29 at the hundred-level of the “Ten Million Talent Project”, national outstanding teachers, State Council Experts for Special Allowance, New Century Excellent Talents from Ministry of Education, members of National Professional Teaching Committee.?63?Provincial Leading Talents, Provincial Outstanding Experts, Provincial Distinguished Professors, Provincial Outstanding Teachers, talents of Provincial University Outstanding Scientific and Technological Personnel Support Plan, Provincial University Outstanding Young Scholars Growth Plan, Provincial hundred-level of the “Ten Million Talent Project”, 4 Liaoning Province Innovation Teams.

SLU has 17,424?full-time students, among whom 15,811?are undergraduate students, 1,315?are PHD students and postgraduates, 1 Doctoral Training Program, 1 Postdoctoral Research Station and 1 Postdoctoral Workstation, 13?First-level and 47 Second-level Disciplines for Master Degree Program (including engineering, science, economics, management, arts, law and art).?

8?Master-accredited Fields for Engineering and 4 Professional Degree Authorization Sites, 1 State-level Shenyang Sino-Russian Scientific and Technological Cooperation Base, 1 National Key Lab for 863 Plan, 1 Provincial Key Science and Technology Platform.?

5 National Defense Fields, 5 Provincial Key Disciplines, 4 Provincial Characteristic Disciplines?and Cultivating Discipline,, 22?Provincial and Ministerial Level Key Laboratories (Engineering Technology Research Centers).

SLU has 54 undergraduate majors. In the assessment, it was identified by the Ministry of Education as an excellent university of undergraduate teaching in 2007. SLU has 2 State-level National Characteristic specialty Construction Sites, 1 National Professional Comprehensive Pilot Reform Specialty, 16 Provincial Characteristic (Demonstration) Specialties, Pilot Reform Specialties and Key Support Specialties, 6 Provincial Teaching Teams, 1 Ministry of Education Quality Video Class, 13 Provincial Quality Courses, 14 Provincial Video Classes and Quality Resources Sharing Courses. In 2011, SLU was established by the Ministry of Education to carry out the National Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program. It has 1 National Level Outside-school Undergraduate Practice Base, 17?provincial undergraduate Practice Base, Experimental Teaching Centers and Engineering Practice Centers.

Since it was established, the university has always adhered to strengthening morality. With the aim of cultivating high-quality applied talents and the talent training characteristics of “Implementation of Engineering Education, Highlighting the Engineering Practice and Social Practice”, SLU has cultivated many advanced engineering and management personnel. They are greatly welcome in the society. The employment rate of graduates has been ranked forefront of Colleges and Universities in Liaoning Province for years. Since it was established, the university has cultivated over 130,000 specialized personnel.

SLU has established stable cooperation with over 75?universities in 16 countries, such as the United States,?Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Finland, etc. SLU has conducted cooperative education?programs with Silesian University of Technology?in Poland. Confucius Institute and State Level Pushkin Russian Language Center have been established based on the cooperation with Tomsk State University in Russia.?Four advanced laboratories have been built with 9 institutes from the National Academy of Sciences of Russia and Belarus. SLU has conducted joint programs with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Russia, France?and other countries. SLU is one of Chinese Institutions admitting international students under Chinese government scholarship programs.

SLU adheres to the working principle of “Education-oriented, Innovation, Strengthening characteristics, Improving quality”, fully implements three strategies (Characteristic University, Enhancing university by talents and Open university) and five projects (Teaching Quality, Scientific and Technological Innovation, Discipline Promotion, Teaching Staff Construction, Management System Reform). With the spirit of “Patriotism, Dedication, Self-improvement, Seeking Truth and Pursuit of Excellence” and the motto: “Keep Your Ambition, Advance Your Intellect; Combine High Ability with Moral Integrity”, people in SLU are striving to build it into an?applied and research?university with distinctive national defense features.

University Spirits

Patriotism, Dedication, Self-improvement, Seeking Truth and Pursuit of Excellence”????????????


Illustration of the university badge


The outer ring lies with the full name of the university in Chinese
The core features the perfect combination of Capital letter S (Shen), L (Ligong) and Chinese character of gong (Ligong).


Connotation of the design of the badge

The red capital letter “S” represents the glorious tradition since the foundation of the university and the bright prospect of the university. The green capital?letter “L” means the distinctive feature serving national defense, and the Chinese character “gong” intends to show that university is multidisciplinary?but engineering?oriented.
These letters are designed like a wave to indicate the strong competitiveness and ever-increasing cohesion of the university. It predicts the bright future of university as an educational institution.



Shenyang Ligong University (SLU), founded in 1948, whose predecessor was Northeast Military Special School.
Northeast?Technology School (1953-1956);
Shenyang?Mechanical Manufacturing Technology School (1956-1960);
Upgraded to Shenyang Institute of Technology in 1960;
Shenyang?Jinsong Machinery Factory (1965-1971);
Shenyang?Institute of?Machinery and Technology (1972-1978);
Shenyang Institute of Technology?(1978-2004);
Renamed Shenyang Ligong University in May, 2004;

University Leadership

Chairman of the University Council: Zhang, Tieyan

Zhang, Tieyan, male, Han nationality, was born in Shenyang city in Liaoning province, started his career in July, 1984, and joined the Chinese Communist?Party in December, 1988. He majored in Control Theory and Control Engineering, graduated from Northeastern University, holds a doctorate and supervises PHD candidates. He receives the State Council special allowance and earned the title of Liaoning province Outstanding Experts and rewarded as Shenyang Working Model.
He has been teaching and doing researches in intelligent power grid, presided over and completed a number of national and provincial projects, has won dozens of awards including one Liao province first prize for science and technology advancement, two second prizes and third prizes in the same area; two second prizes for Liaoning province technological invention and two third prizes in this area, five first prizes for Liaoning province teaching and research achievement, applied and gained authorization of 17 patents of China, America and Europe invention, published one academic monograph and one textbook, and authored more than 40 academic articles published in influential domestic and international academic journals?and important international academic conferences, 33 among which were included in SCI and EI.

Vice Chairwoman of the University Council & President of the University: Liu, Jun

Liu, Jun, female, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, doctor of engineering, professor, supervisor of PHD candidates, National Outstanding Teacher, Youth-middle Aged Experts with Outstanding Contribution at hundred level in National Talents Program, Liaoning province Leading Expert, Liaoning province Outstanding Expert, Liaoning province Distinguished Professor, and included to the Outstanding Talents Supporting Plan for the New Century by the Ministry of Education.
Her research areas include: research and evaluation of low-temperature concrete, new building material, cement based composite material; did and is presiding over a number of projects funded nationally or provincially; won 49 ministerial and provincial awards; won 34 honorary titles at national and provincial level; authored more than 110 articles in influential domestic and international academic journals, 50 among which were included by SCI, EI and ISTP, edited 7 monographs and textbooks, holds 12 patents and 3 standards and owns 3 software copyrights.

Vice Chairwoman of the University Council: Qian, Yingwei

Qian, Yingwei, male, Han nationality, was born in Tieling city in Liaoning province, started his career in July, 1992, joined the Chinese Communist Party in May 1994 and was an associate researcher now. He graduated from Shenyang Normal College, obtained his Master of Law degree from Shenyang Normal University in 2006. Prior to vice chairman of the university council, he served as the deputy secretary of Youth League Committee, secretary of Youth League Committee, Director of General Office in Shenyang Technological College; and Director of Headmaster Office in Shenyang Ligong University, Director of Organization Department of Party Committee, Director of CPC Standing Committee. ?
He has long engaged in Party affairs, authored 4 books, one of which was a monograph, published more than 10 articles in magazines including Theory Horizon, Theoretical Investigation?etc, presides over and involves in almost 10 provincial research programs, won two second prizes for Liaoning Province “Tenth Five-Year Plan”Educational and Scientific Outstanding Achievement, one Liaoning Province College and University Party Building Research Innovation Award, one first prize for Shenyang College and University Students Ideological and Political Education Work Innovation. ?

Vice president of University: Wu, Yongcun

Wu, Yongcun, male, Han nationality, was born in Chaoyang city in Liaoning province and started his career in June, 1988. He is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, Master of Engineering in Dalian University of Technology, MBA in California State University, Fullerton, ?and s Senior Engineer.

His major research areas include hydroelectric engineering?structure and business administration etc, presided over and involved in a number of ministerial and provincial key construction projects, won second prize of Liaoning province Science and Technology Advancement, first and second prizes for Science and Technology Advancement of Water Resource Department in Liaoning province and third prize for Science and Technology Advancement of State Education Commission.

Vice president: Li, Chenghua

Li, Chenghua, male, Han nationality, was born in Xingcheng city in Liaoning province, a member of Liaoning Committee of Jiu San Society, started his career in July, 1976, earned his PHD from University Bonn in Germany, professor, and is a member of standing Committee of the Municipal PCC.

He earned his Master of Engineering Degree from Shenyang Agricultural University and worked there since his graduation. He earned his PHD from University Bonn in Germany in October, 1994. He served as a lecturer in Shenyang Agricultural University, Vice Dean and Dean of the School of Engineering in Shenyang Agricultural University, Vice president of Shenyang Ligong University.

Vice President: Wang, Baoling

Wang, Baoling, male, Han nationality, is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, professor (engineering).

Prior to vice president in Shenyang Ligong University, he served as the Secretary of Youth League Committee in Shenyang Jianzhu University, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Department, Deputy Manager of Project Management Company, Deputy Executive Director, Executive Director of New Campus Construction Office, Chief of Infrastructure Office; Principal Assistant of Shenyang Jianzhu University in 2002, Vice President of Shenyang Jianzhu University from April, 2011 to November, 2015, Vice President of Shenyang Ligong University since November 2011.

Sectary of Committee for Discipline Inspection: Li, Yun

Li, Yun, female, started her career in August, 1992, joined in Chinese Communist Party in June, 1991, and holds a bachelor degree.
Prior to?sectary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, she served as staff of Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Director of Liaoning Population and Family Planning Committee Office, Director of Liaoning Food and Drug Administration Office, Sectary of Liaoning Human Resource and Social Security, Chief of Rural Social Security Department of Liaoning Human Resource and Social Security, Sectary of Committee for Discipline Inspection in Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vice President of University: Zhang, Jian

Zhang, Jian, male, Han nationality, was born in Xinming city in Liaoning province, joined in the Chinese Communist Party in July, 1982, and started his career in September, 1982. He graduated from Northeastern University , holds a PHD of Engineering Degree, professor, and supervises doctoral candidates.

His major research areas include: new principal ammunition technology, target detection and recognition technology, weapon system new technology etc. He has presided over more than 10 national military product research programs, and published more than 40 academic articles in recent years. Based on his achievements, he has won National Defense Science and Technology Award, China North Industries Group Science and Technology Advancement Award and Liaoning province Teaching Achievement Award.